Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Sneakers Kind of Day

Cropped top: DIY from an old Junk Food shirt; Denim cutoffs: Armani Jeans

Yesterday, I went to my friend Tisha's place for a shoot for her upcoming online store. I, together with Weng and Ayie, modeled the clothes. Harhar. I know what you're thinking: A 5'2" model? Um, yeah. Nothing is impossible, you see! Heels were my best friend yesterday! It was so much fun -- modeling for the first time, goofing around with friends, laughing our hearts out, and catching up after not seeing each other for three months.

Anyway, before I get too emotional here, let's move on to my outfit. Since I know that I will be changing my clothes too many times, I decided to wear something really comfy, something that won't give me a difficult time to remove nor wear countless times.

Printed bandeau: Forever 21; DIY studs

See that cropped top I'm wearing? I was the only one who cut those! My friends even had their shirts cut by my proud self. :D And remember the three pairs of shorts I mentioned here and here? Here's the third and my favourite pair!

Sneakers: Converse Chuck Taylor

To complete my outfit, I donned on my really old pair of trusty Chucks. It's been years since I last wore these and yesterday, I just felt like wearing 'em. I thought that it looks good with my outfit too, instead of my overused booties that I'm sure you guys are tired of seeing me in.

Skull bracelet: Rebel Gear; Black beaded bracelets: DIY; Friendship bracelet: Girl Shoppe; 'mica' bangle: Had it made from a high school friend!

Lastly, accessories. I kept them to a minimum since I'll be removing them once I start to dress up for the shoot anyway. Just a few bracelets in colors from my top.

Halfway through the shoot, I found time to goof around with the huge mirror that my friend Rowena and I loved so much! Haha. Tomorrow, I just might post behind the scenes photos and photos of my crazy friends! 

My tired self after the shoot!

Yesterday was too tiring but it was all worth it! I'll tell you more about it and Tisha's online store tomorrow!

Photos taken by Rowena Iquina, Tisha Filart, and Ayie de Leon


  1. Hi Michelle thank you so much for following my blog. following you back. great pictures =)

  2. love your style! really classic look (: love the tshirt so much!
    would you like to follow each other? i love your blog x

    1. Thanks, Sara! :)

      Yeah, I would love to! I'll go visit your blog now. :)

  3. I think you look great, those shorts are awesome! Who says models need to be tall anyway?

  4. Very cute look!
    Following on Bloglovin! Great blog :)

  5. Hi !
    Thank you so much for your words!
    I like your style and blog and those shorts are awesome!

    PS followied you in Pinerest tumblr and bloglovin :))

    Cant wait for your updates :))

    Katerina from

    1. Hey, Katerina!

      You're very much welcome! :) Thanks too!

      And thanks for following. I'll follow you on those sites as well. :)

  6. Cute look on you! Thanks for your kind words and support. Following your lovely blog now.


  7. I love this outfit!


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