Saturday, December 29, 2012

Blue Roses

Excuse the cup of coffee! Mum asked me to hold it for her so she could take better photos of me. Harhar.

Finally, I got to wear this floral top! A friend gave it to me months ago but I never got to wear it since. Cute, right? I love how it's short and cut asymmetrically on the front, showing some of my skin -- kind of sexy but not too daring. I paired it with denim shorts. There's just no better way to wear it than with shorts! Agree?

Floral top: Gift; Denim shorts: American Eagle; Sandals: Bindi; Bag: Di Piu (vintage); Owl necklace: Rebel Gear; Gold watch: Casio

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Lace dress: Forever 21; Necklace: SM Accessories; Patent peep-toe pumps: Pedro

It's the most wonderful time of the year!! Christmas is finally here! Happy holidays, loves! I know that like me, most of you are busy spending time with your loved ones so I'm gonna make this short and quick. Instead of wearing a sprkly Christmas-y dress, I opted to wear this bodycon lace turquoise dress on Christmas Eve. I love how the texture added character to the look while the color made it lively, giving off a happy vibe. Just what we need on Christmas, right? I kept my accessories and shoes simple and just wore a statement necklace and nude pumps.  The dress deserves the spotlight after all!

What do you think? What about you? Tell me about your Christmas Eve outfit! Merry Christmas, loves!!

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Sunday, December 23, 2012

That Cupcake with A Cherry On Top

By now, you already know how much I adore my wedge sneakers. I've worn it four times already since I bought it exactly a week ago! Others may find the wedge sneaker trend tacky. I myself wasn't sure how to feel about it at first, but the moment I tried 'em on, I fell in love right away. It's just what girls like me seriously need in their lives!

I've worn it with leggings, a dress, and skinny jeans. This time, I wore it with shorts and a black cover-up over layered tank tops for a more effortless look. I finished my look with my mum's houndstooth-print bag. Yes, that print is back! It's actually one of the hottest prints this season, so this bag isn't going back to my mum's closet anytime soon! ;-)
Cupcake tank: Roxy; Black cover-up: Catworld Fashionshop; Shorts: Mudd; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Houndstooth-print bag: Ralph Lauren

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Edgy At Its Finest


Last week, I mentioned about a job interview I had here. On Thursday morning, Carla asked me if I could come back that afternoon, and I did. After a quick follow-up interview, I was told that I start the following day. Yay!! That was one early Christmas present for me! You'll know more about this new job on my next posts. For now, let me tell you about my outfit.

Originally, I was going to wear this top and wedge sneakers with a pair of shorts for our Christmas party that night at my friend Tisha's place, but since I had to go back for a follow-up interview, I can't do so anymore. I decided to wear 'em with jeans instead.


Even though I wasn't able to stick to my original styling, I sill loved how my look turned out. The wedge sneakers is definitely the star of this outfit! It brought out my edgy style, and the studs on my top and bag gave more character to the look. Since there's already too much going on here, I don't need to accessorize that much anymore. I just wore a simple aztec necklace and my favourite stack of bracelets.
Long-sleeved studded top: Love Hate; Skinny jeans: Zara; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper; Aztec acrylic necklace: Personalized Accessories

What do you think?

Photo taken by Carla Atutubo

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sporty Chic

This look reminded me so much of a professional model off duty! Haha. Last summer, I had my first internship at Not Enough Circuses, Inc., a production house which does fashion shows. If you're familiar with Style Origin, those were the shows that we did, and this just-got-off-the-bed look is something that some of our models back then would wear to fittings or rehearsals. I think it's 'cause it's too comfy, just what they need for a very long day ahead.

Look at that pose! I told you, my peg was a model! Harhar. Let's move on to my outfit now, shall we? I've had this dress for months now but I've never worn it before 'cause I didn't know how best to! On my previous post, I told you all about my new kicks. I thought it's perfect for this dress, and it was! I love how my look turned out, giving the lazy, comfy vibe -- so perfect for a long day of walking and shopping.
Dress: Love Hate; Black braided belt: The Landmark; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Quilted purse: Dorothy Perkins; Ring: Rustan's

What do you think of my look?

Photos taken by Joselito Asuncion

Monday, December 17, 2012

Pumped Up Kicks

I've been wanting to buy a pair of wedge sneakers for months, but it was too difficult for me to decide 'cause first, I'm not sure if I'd really get to wear it and second, I couldn't find a store selling one. Sure, there are a lot of online shops who do but I want to try 'em on first before I decide if I really want it. Yesterday, I finally solved my dilemma! I went to Forever 21 to check if they have the gold sneakers that I also want in my size. When I got to the shoe section, they they were: wedge sneakers in different colors! My goodness, I died!! Haha. Right then and there, I forgot about the gold sneaks!

Top: Love Hate; Leggings: Topshop; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Earlier today, we went to Greenhills so I got to wear it for the first time already. Since I don't have time to experiment with my outfits just yet, I tried to keep it simple first and paired it with black leggings and a grey oversized top. What do you think? Also, if you have suggestions on how to wear wedge sneakers, let me know! ;-) For now, let me talk about the sneaks itself.

Grey & silver wedge sneakers: Forever 21

The real reason why I love 'em so much is the added height it gives me -- I'm three inches taller in them! I appear taller without looking too dressed up, unlike when I'm wearing heels. They're really very comfy, too! I can seriously walk all day. I also love how the wedges are concealed, making it look just like your ordinary sneakers. I love 'em so much, I just might get another pair in a different color, or who knows, maybe even the Isabel Marant ones, which is the original when it comes to wedge sneakers, if I still am in love with them after quite some time!

Second to fourth photos taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

Friday, December 14, 2012

Dressed to Kill: SS Magazine

It was a good morning, indeed! You loves wanna know why? It's 'cause I woke up to a tweet from Allison Beal, founder of Style Saint, saying that today's SS Magazine was inspired by one of my StyleBooks. Oh, I'm so honored, thanks so much, Saint Allison! :"> If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check this out. 

Today's magazine, entitled Dressed to Kill, is all about the season's hottest holiday dresses. Need help in deciding what to wear on New Year's Eve? Read Dressed to Kill for some tips and ideas!

Let me also share to you the StyleBook I created, which was Allison's inspiration in that feature.

Loved it? View my other StyleBooks here.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sheer it is!

Mustard-yellow sheer button-down top: I.Candy (The Ramp); Skinny jeans: Forever 21; Ballet flats: Bought from my mum's friend

Earler today, I met up with my best friend Carla at Town & Country Executive Village for a job interview. Everything was actually last minute. When she went to my place yesterday, she told me everything about it and in the afternoon, she recommended me. After a few minutes, I found out that I'll be interviewed today. Define spontaneous, right? Anyway, I'll just tell you more about it if I get accepted. Harhar.

Let's move on to what's important here: my outfit. Carla told me that it's a very informal thing so I don't have to dress all corporate. She asked me to just wear casual clothes. Given that, I opted for a sheer top. There's just something about it that makes it classy -- perfect for the look I'm aiming for: not too formal, not to casual. Usually, I just wear my bra or a bandeau underneath this sheer top, but since it's a job interview we're talking about here, I made sure to cover up a bit and wore a tank top instead. I wore jeans to dress down the top a bit and finished my look with a simple ballet flats.
Bag: Louis Vuitton 'Bucket'

Tribal necklace: Forever 21

Lastly, I kept my accessories to a minimum and wore this tribal necklace, my default stack of bracelets, and a ring.

Here's a photo of me with Carla, taken by her friend Dylan.

What do you think? ;-)

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Circles and Sequins

Top: Get it here; Shorts: Armani Jeans; Sandals: My friend Tisha's; Necklace: Girl Shoppe

I'm sure you still remember the shoot we had a month ago for my friend's online store. I just realized that there are still a couple of outfit photos left for me to show you guys. Here's one of them. I think this outfit is perfect for those days when you are so lazy to dress up but just have to.

The print of this top would do the trick. I love how some of the circles are made of sequins. It added the much needed sparkle to the look, don't you think?

Photos taken by Tisha Filart

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Facebook Page

Hi, loves! I have news for you! I did it! I finally did it! I just made a Facebook page for my blog. I swear, I never thought this day would ever come. Harhar. I hope you, my lovely readers, would like the page Michelle Styles by Michelle Asuncion. :) I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you all for your support on this blog. :">

Friday, December 7, 2012

The Tale of The Purple Dress

Dress: Forever 21; Patent peep-toe pumps: Pedro
Serendipity tattoo by Gene Testa

Remember me telling you about a dress I purchased here? Well, here it is! I wore it last Sunday to my baby brother I├▒igo's Baptism. Wait, calm down! Let me tell you how I ended up with it first. Originally, I was going to wear a top, skinny jeans, and heels, but it seemed like it's taking me forever to search for the perfect top so I decided to look for a dress instead. After trying on countless stuff at Forever 21, I finally found a black sequined dress. I actually didn't want to wear black but since the dress is really nice (despite the sequins), I decided to go for it. I was on my way to the cashier when I saw this purple dress hanging on a rack, staring right at me. When I saw the back, I fell in love with it right away. Um, hello?! I've been searching for something like it for months! Plus it's more fitting to the occasion than the black sequined one, which is more suitable for a night out. When I tried it on, end of story. Harhar.

You're still probably thinking, Did you really wear that to a Baptism? Answer is yes. I'm may not be proper to wear this dress to a Baptism because of its low back but I knew exactly how to solve that problem the moment I tried it on: I'm gonna wear my hair down! You see, I have really long hair so my back wasn't exposed at all, I swear! During the reception, that was the time when I put my hair to the side. ;-)
Neck piece: SM Accessories

Now enough of the back. One thing I like about this dress is that it's really simple in the front. When given something like this, the key is to accessorize. I chose to wear my new neck piece form SM Accessories to add life to the dress. Perfect, isn't it? I love how SM now has lots of really nice AND affordable accessories to choose from. :)

By now, you've already learned a few tips and I'm not stopping there yet. Let me give you one more. Because of the really low back, there is a tendency for the sleeves of my dress to slide down my arms and no one wants that, right? There's only one way to solve that problem: double-sided tape! Very useful, I tell you. Just put where you want your clothes secured and voila! Hope you learned a lot from me today! :D


Although this occasion isn't fashion-related, I still want to share some photos since this is one important event in our life. Feel free to scroll down for the Baptism photos or read my other fashion-related posts!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

In A Hurry

Top: Love Hate; Shorts: Mudd; Combat boots: True Love; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Usually, I plan my outfit the night before to save time in the morning. Last Friday though, that was not the case. I did not know that we were leaving. My mum just woke me up, told me that we're doing some last minute shopping for my baby brother's Christening, and asked me to get dressed. I did what I was told in so much hurry because we were leaving in less than an hour. Obviously, I don't have enough time to prepare so after a quick shower, I put on a pair of shorts and the first decent top that I found. I wore my trusty pair of combat boots to dress the outfit up a bit. I think that did the trick! ;-)

Oxblood braided bracelet: From a bazaar; Love/Peace bracelet: From a bazaar; Gold bracelet: Old; Silver bangle: Gift from my brother; Black beaded bracelet: DIY

For my accessories, I put on my default stack of bracelets. These five are my favourites so I always wear them if I can and just add on a few more if I have to.

Spiked bracelet: Girl Shoppe

Again, since I didn't have time to choose more, I just added this spiked bracelet. I love how this studs and spikes combination emphasized my edgy look!

Aztec acrylic necklace: Personalized Accessories

To complete the look, I wore this aztec necklace. I chose to wear a simple white necklace to match the design of my top.

What do you think?

First two photos taken by Ernalyn Asuncion


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The New Glorietta Vibe

Last week, November 29, 2012, I had the chance to be part of a fashion history! Ayala, together with AVA and Globe Tattoo, set the stage for the launch of the new Glorietta and an attempt to break the Guinness World Record for the most people walking on a catwalk. With a final count of 2255 models, the Philippines broke the current world record of 1967 models held by Turkey.

With my fellow stylists Sherwynn, Nio Manzano, and Alex Lapa

Monday, December 3, 2012

Eye Candy Shorts x Michelle Styles Giveaway (CLOSED)

It's the most wonderful time of the year! It's 22 days before Christmas and I'm sure you lovely readers are already feeling the spirit of Christmas. I do too, and since it's the season of giving, I'm having my first ever blog giveaway! One lucky reader will win a pair of high-waisted printed shorts from Eye Candy Shorts! Remember the leopard-printed I'm wearing here? The pair I'm giving away is from the same online store.

Just follow these simple steps for a chance to win:
  1. Follow me on Twitter and Bloglovin'. If you don't have these accounts yet, you can always make one!
  2. Like Eye Candy Shorts and Michelle Styles by Michelle Asuncion on Facebook.
  3. Tweet "I want to win a pair of printed high-waisted shorts at! #MichelleStylesgiveaway"
  4. Create a status post on Facebook saying, "I want to win a pair of printed high-waisted shorts from Eye Candy Shorts at You should join the giveaway, too!" and tag five of your friends. Make sure to tag Eye Candy Shorts.
  5. Leave a comment below with your name and Twitter name.
Deadline of entries is on December 17 at 11.59pm. Make sure to follow each step for your entries to be valid. The winner will be chosen via and will be announced on the comments portion of this post. Please submit your comment only once; I will have to approve them first before it appears.

Good luck! :)

Saturday, December 1, 2012

Take me back to California.

Top: Sent from Heaven; Cropped shorts: Zara; Combat boots: True Love

There is something about this look that makes me feel like I'm Kendall Jenner. The moment I put on my combat boots, I felt like I'll be walking around the small town of  Beverly Hills with the paparazzi following me. HAHA. Alright, I'll stop. Forgive the ambitious me! I just really miss the place and my cousins too much.

Let's move on to my outfit. I knew that we will be walking around the mall all day, shopping for stuff that we will me needing and getting things done for my baby brother's Christening so I wanted to wear something very comfortable. Solution to that? Shorts and a loose top so I can freely move around and combat boots for walking! I love how laid back the look turned out.

Aztec acrylic necklace: Personalized Accessories

I was also planning to buy a dress that day so I opted for less accessories for a fuss-free fitting. I mean don't you hate it when your accessories get all tangled up while you're in the dressing room? I do! It takes so much of my time! I just wore the aztec acrylic necklace I won from Laureen Uy's blog giveaway. Love how it matched my shorts!
Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Look how I still managed to snap a mirror shot of myself before I started fitting! Can you guess which store I bought the dress I'm wearing to the Christening from? ;-)

Photos taken by Joselito Asuncion

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