Friday, December 7, 2012

The Tale of The Purple Dress

Dress: Forever 21; Patent peep-toe pumps: Pedro
Serendipity tattoo by Gene Testa

Remember me telling you about a dress I purchased here? Well, here it is! I wore it last Sunday to my baby brother Iñigo's Baptism. Wait, calm down! Let me tell you how I ended up with it first. Originally, I was going to wear a top, skinny jeans, and heels, but it seemed like it's taking me forever to search for the perfect top so I decided to look for a dress instead. After trying on countless stuff at Forever 21, I finally found a black sequined dress. I actually didn't want to wear black but since the dress is really nice (despite the sequins), I decided to go for it. I was on my way to the cashier when I saw this purple dress hanging on a rack, staring right at me. When I saw the back, I fell in love with it right away. Um, hello?! I've been searching for something like it for months! Plus it's more fitting to the occasion than the black sequined one, which is more suitable for a night out. When I tried it on, end of story. Harhar.

You're still probably thinking, Did you really wear that to a Baptism? Answer is yes. I'm may not be proper to wear this dress to a Baptism because of its low back but I knew exactly how to solve that problem the moment I tried it on: I'm gonna wear my hair down! You see, I have really long hair so my back wasn't exposed at all, I swear! During the reception, that was the time when I put my hair to the side. ;-)
Neck piece: SM Accessories

Now enough of the back. One thing I like about this dress is that it's really simple in the front. When given something like this, the key is to accessorize. I chose to wear my new neck piece form SM Accessories to add life to the dress. Perfect, isn't it? I love how SM now has lots of really nice AND affordable accessories to choose from. :)

By now, you've already learned a few tips and I'm not stopping there yet. Let me give you one more. Because of the really low back, there is a tendency for the sleeves of my dress to slide down my arms and no one wants that, right? There's only one way to solve that problem: double-sided tape! Very useful, I tell you. Just put where you want your clothes secured and voila! Hope you learned a lot from me today! :D


Although this occasion isn't fashion-related, I still want to share some photos since this is one important event in our life. Feel free to scroll down for the Baptism photos or read my other fashion-related posts!

Look, he didn't even cry! What a good boy!

Dad, Mum, and Iñigo with the priest

The only family photo that we have. Boo.

What a cute (and yummy) cake! Look at the diaper!!

With my friends Weng and Tisha

Cake from my dad's friend

Photography by Michael Asuncion


  1. That necklace - love, love, love!

  2. lovely dress dear! you look so chic and gorgeous xx

    Letters To Juliet

  3. Nice purple dress
    You look stunning!
    Love your blog
    I'm following you now
    Hope you can follow back!


    1. Thank you, April! :) I'll check out your blog in a bit! :)

  4. Really pretty outfit! :)

    Anyway, I'm having a quick giveaway. It'll run from today to the 19th ONLY! So I hope you can check it out and join!

    Cheers, Angel.

    1. Thanks, Angel! :) I'll check it out later and probably join, too. :)


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