Thursday, January 31, 2013


Don't you just love what necklaces like this can do to your outfits? Earlier this week, I wore something really simple to work -- just a plain top, skinny jeans, ballet flats, and my Longchamp. The necklace, however, dressed the outfit up a bit. I didn't need to accessorize more. It was already enough to make a statement. I just put on my gold Casio watch which matched the gold chains of the lovely necklace to finish my look and voila!

Top: Immagine; Skinny jeans: Mango; Ballet flats: Steve Madden; Bag: Longchamp; Necklace: Skön PH; Gold watch: Casio

What  do you think, loves? ;-) Did you love the necklace?! Go check out Skön PH's Facebook page or Instagram account (@skonph) and you just might find the perfect handmade accessories for you! Also, did I mention that their accessories are too affordable?! :) 

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Here's another one of my lazy day outfits! Last night, I found this sheer heart top in my closet. I realized I haven't worn it for ages so I decided to wear it today. Hearts! Can you feel the love? Can you, can you? Because I can! It's actually my parents' 23rd anniversary today so that top is just perfect. Plus Valentine's Day is just around the corner! Haha. Anyway, back to my outfit. I believe there's no better way to wear this top than pairing it with tights/leggings. I completed the outfit with my wedge sneakers that I love so much. I know some of you are tired of seeing 'em in my posts but I'm not giving it a break anytime soon so forgive me! ;))

Sheer heart print top: Fab; Tights: SM Accessories; Grey & silver wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Bag: Dorothy Perkins; Watch: TechnoMarine

Photos taken by Joselito Asuncion

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Silver and Denim

Three days ago, I felt like wearing my wedge sneakers again. Good thing I had work the following day! Whenever I'm gonna wear this pair, it's a given that my look would be laid back and effortless (Or not! Maybe it's just my personal style. ;-) ). This time, I wore it with my denim button-down top (which you've probably seen herehere, and here) and leggings, which was worn as tights. I love everything about this look! Seems like the pieces were made for each other! The entire day, I felt like a Hollywood celebrity off duty once again! Haha. Forgive the ambitious Michelle. She just loves her wedge sneakers too much.

Necklace: Girl Shoppe

To match the silver details of my sneakers, I wore this silver necklace. I kept my other accessories simple and wore just a black & silver watch and my default stack of bracelet. What do you think of this look? :p

Grey & silver wedge sneakers: Forever 21

Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Denim button-down top: Essential Teens; Leggings: Topshop; Watch: TechnoMarine
Photos taken by Carla Atutubo

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Basics

Most of you would agree that it's always fun and exciting to dress up or follow the latest fashion trends, but there are just times when I find myself going back to the basics. There's nothing special about this look. It's just a plain tank top, cropped denim shorts, embellished flip-flops, and minimal accessories plus messy hair and no make-up at all, giving off that effortless look. I love how laid back this is. I wore this outfit two days ago when I accompanied my mum to run some errands. What do you think?

And just when I thought there's nothing special about this look, I realized that my tank top is in 2013's color of the year: emerald! I've heard that emerald is gonna be a big hit this year. Now who says you can't be in while wearing the most basic pieces your closet could ever hold? 

Emerald tank top: Denim Co.; Cropped shorts: Mudd; Embellished flip-flops: Reaction Kenneth Cole; Gold watch: Casio

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Lunch Date

Yesterday, I went to Greenbelt and met up with my high school friend, Thea. Since she moved to New York about six years ago, she has already visited the Philippines twice but I only got to see her on the first one. Blame it on the busy schedule of a nursing student! Ugh. Anyway, now that she's visiting again, we had to see each other! We had lunch at Via Mare and then had coffee at Starbucks. It's been years and it felt like one day wasn't enough to catch up on everything. But here's what I can say: It may have been too long, but one thing's for sure: we still love to talk about the same things we used to talk about before -- shopping, handbags, and shoes! Gah. I really hope I could go and visit her in New York really soon! And shop, shop, shop together! ;-)
With Thea

Cropped top: Love Hate; Black tank top: Forever 21; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'; Gold watch: Casio

Skinny jeans: Zara; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21
Photos taken by Joselito Asuncion

Friday, January 18, 2013

Pink Stripes

There are just days when I don't feel like mixing and matching clothes, and yesterday was one of those. My solution? I wore a dress! I'm actually not a dress person but I think that would change really soon! Not only would I have instant outfits for those lazy days. It would also save me when I'm in a hurry and wasn't able to prepare my outfit the night before. Ha! I better start stocking up on lovely dresses!

This dress I wore to work yesterday is an old one. I got it from a bazaar a few years back. I only bought it because of the cute bow on the front. I like how it gave the look of the dress some twist. I paired it with my black glitter ballet flats and a black bag. Also, I matched my watch to the gold hardware of the bag.

Dress: From a bazaar; Gold watch: Casio

Bag: Prada; Ballet flats: Zara

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo


Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Denim Vest

I've had this denim vest for quite some time now and on Sunday, I finally got to wear it for the first time. It's actually from a really old denim jacket! One night, I found the jacket in my mum's closet, realized that no one's using it anymore, and cut 'em! And I must say, it turned out just the way I wanted it to! I wore it over a grey tank tucked in a bandage skirt. I finished my look with my favourite pair of shoes at the moment, my wedge sneakers!

Tank top: Sent from Heaven; Denim vest: DIY from an old Gap jacket; Skirt: Sewn with Love; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Bag: Dorothy Perkins; Necklace: The Landmark

What do you think of this look? ;-)

First photo taken by Mike Asuncion
Second photo taken by Joselito Asuncion

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Oversized Aztec

Last Thursday, I wore this outfit to work. I just love everything about this oversized shirt! It was perfect for the gloomy weather that day -- made me want to just stop working and do nothing with my friends-slash-workmates. Lazy daisy! Harhar. Anyway, since the shirt is already too loose, I paired it with something that would contrast it, leggings (worn as tights, of course!). I finished the look with my Aldo booties and Alexander Wang studded hobo bag.

Oversized aztec print shirt: Love Hate; Leggings: Exped; Booties: Aldo; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'; Necklace: The Landmark

Excuse the photo! See, I'm not prepared yet! Haha. At least you got a glimpse of my gold watch from Casio. :p

What do you think?

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo


Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Yesterday, I opted to wear something bright, hoping and praying that it would bring me good vibes. Harhar, look who's too lazy to go back to work after three days off! I wore this pink top with geometric prints on it. Since it's already filled with squares and rectangles, I figured, why not go all out and add some more shapes, right? I used my aztec acrylic necklace from Personalized Accessories and topped my look off with my studded Alexander Wang bag. Why, hello, circles and triangles!

Top: Sent from Heaven; Skinny jeans: Forever 21; Ballet flats: Zara

Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Aztec acrylic necklace: Personalized Accessories

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo


Monday, January 7, 2013

Faux Fur and Leather

I'm not sure if it was just me or the weather has really been bipolar lately -- Mr. Sun shines bright but the wind? It's really cold. I've even had goosebumps at times! I wanted to take advantage of the weather and decided to take my leather pants out for a spin. I've been wanting to wear it for quite some time now but it's just too darn hot in the Philippines! Now's the perfect time!

What I like about this pair is that it's not your usual leather pants. It has triangular faux fur panels. This piece, however, is kind of bulky so I had to wear it with my wedge sneakers! That way, I won't look shorter than I really am. I know what you're thinking! Why not wear heels instead, right? Wedge sneakers are too comfortable! Heels, not so! Don't get me wrong, though! I love wearing heels as well, just not on this day.

Moving on, there's already too much going on from the waist down. To tone down the look a bit, I wore a plain and simple shirt and kept my accessories to a minimum. What do you think?    

Shirt: Gianni Lo Giudice; Leather pants: Love Hate; Wedge Sneakers: Forever 21; Bag: Prada; Necklace: Girl Shoppe

Photo taken by Joselito Asuncion

Saturday, January 5, 2013


Now that the holidays are over, it's time to get back to more important things a.k.a work! Ugh. Why can't the holidays last a little longer?! Haha. Don't get me wrong, though! I'm really thankful that I have a job right now. ;-) This outfit is actually what I wore to work the other day. I chose to wear this top and paired it with skinny jeans. I wanted to enhance it's print so I went for shoes, a bag, and accessories in the shade of gold/brown. Imagine wearing this outfit with black flats and a different bag. The look would have had a different turn out.

Animal print top: From a bazaar; Skinny jeans: Mango; Ballet flats: Steve Madden; Bag: Louis Vuitton 'Bucket'

Necklace: Forever 21

Gold watch: Casio; Silver bangle: Gift from my brother; Black beaded bracelet: DIY

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo

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