Monday, July 30, 2012

7 Day Challenge x Party Pop

Dress: Sent from Heaven; Shoes: Brash 'Jupiter'; Purse: Prada

The fourth theme for our 7 Day Challenge homework is going-out/night. The first thing that I thought of is 'black'. I don't know why but I've always associated nights out with it. What I love about this dress are, first, the jewels on the shoulders and second, the huge armholes (which is not too visible on this photo, too bad). Sexy. Wild. ;-) Also, to give a life to the look, I threw on a colorful pair of heels. Voila! Now who wants to party with me?

Photo taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

Saturday, July 28, 2012

7 Day Challenge x Metrowear Rocks

Top: Nuit; Skirt: Sewn with Love; Heel-less shoes: DAS; Purse: Prada; Necklace: Forever 21

Hey, dolls! Sorry, it took me too long before this next post. I've just been really busy for the past week with my newborn brother and all! Anyway, for the the third theme of the 7 Day Challenge, fashion show! One thing that learned from my instructor when choosing an outfit when attending one is that you should look elegant and fashionable at the same time. People should turn their heads toward you not because your look is screaming for attention.

I actually wore this outfit to Metrowear Rocks The Runway fashion show way back in May. I thought the heel-less shoes from DAS was perfect for the theme of the fashion show itself. Next to the simple yet elegant top (I love the cut on the sleeves!), this was my favourite part of the outfit. Since my shoes is already too damn deadly, I kept the rest of the outfit simple.

Elegant? Check! Fashionable? Check! What to you think?

Photo taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

7 Day Challenge x Jungle Red

Dress: Positive Signal (vintage); Suede pumps: Brash 'Komet'; Purse: CMG

The second theme for our 7 Day Challenge homework is 'date'. When choosing an outfit, I wanted something that would make me look really stunning without looking like I tried too hard. I thought this dress was perfect. It's very simple but if you look closely, the upper part is made of lace. That's what I love about it. But of course, the look wouldn't be complete without the matching red pumps and purse. I'm actually not fond of matching the color of my shoes to the color of my purse but to dress the look up a little bit, I went for it. What do you think?

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Saturday, July 21, 2012

7 Day Challenge x Jet set, go!

Knit top: Sent from Heaven; Skinny jeans: Forever 21; Grey studded boots: Sent from Heaven; Bag: Longchamp

As promised here, I am going to post photos of the outfits I used for my 7 Day Challenge homework in Styling class. So here goes! The first theme: jet setter. I chose this orange knit top and skinny jeans because I want nothing more than to be comfortable during a trip. I paired it with my new studded boots to dress the outfit up a little bit. I love how simple this look is! What do you guys think?

Photo taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Top: Sent from Heaven; Cropped shorts: Zara; Sandals: Forever 21; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Two days ago, we went to St. Luke's for my Mum's last check-up before actually giving birth (Yay!) and to TriNoma to run some errands, and here's what I wore. I was feeling so lazy to dress up that day because it was too hot. I was even supposed to shoot at least one outfit for the 7 Day Challenge that morning but gawd, was it hot! Thank goodness for this ombré top -- pair it with cropped shorts and voila! Now, does it look like I had a not-so-good morning? Don't think so! ;-)

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Shade of Grey

Suede-ish (Excuse the word but I don't know what the fabric's called! :p) top: Sent from Heaven; Lace skirt: Sent from Heaven; Ballet flats: Zara; Tusk necklace: Oxygen

Here's what I wore to class last Friday. I just opted for something simple but even so, I still love everything about the look. There's something about it that makes me feel so girly even though not a single piece I'm wearing has a girly color. I suppose it's the lace skirt. I've been into lace skirts lately. Remember the blue one I used here? I also love this grey tank top because of it's fabric. I'm pretty sure it's not suede but it resembles it. With these two pieces, the color palette for that day didn't seem to matter -- I was still able to make a statement!

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Monday, July 16, 2012

7 Day Challenge

As I've mentioned on my previous posts, I'm currently taking up Fashion Styling. Last Friday, I got to meet my instructor Sir Ryuji Shiomitsu for the first time. He gave us a lecture about styling itself, etc. We were also asked to make two mood boards, which I did not enjoy at first. Harhar. It's not easy, I tell you. ;-)

Anyway, one of our assignments is the 7 Day Challenge. We were given seven themes/occasions and he wants us to take photos of ourselves in the outfits that we will be wearing to these occasions. Sounds fun, right? Well, this is the best homework I've had in my life!

I already chose the outfits and will start shooting tomorrow. I'm so excited for you guys to know the themes and see what I chose to wear so watch out for my next posts!

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Print and Texture

Top: Massimo Dutti; Skirt: Sent from Heaven

Necklace: from Greenhills

Bag: Dorothy Perkins; Ring: Accessorize; Bangle: Gift

Shoes: Zara

I've had this lace skirt for two months now but I never got to wear it until last Sunday. That's because I could not find the perfect top that would go with it! I've tried on countless number of tops and failed.

Out of nowhere though, I found this paisley-print button-down top. I know, where has it been the past two months, right?! It was perfect for the lace skirt so yay!

I love how the monochromatic look turned out, and with the texture and print paired with each other, it even became edgier.

First photo taken by Joselito Asuncion

Sunday, July 8, 2012


A few weeks back, I mentioned that I'll be taking up Fashion Styling soon. Last Thursday, I finally did it! I enrolled at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Upon enrollment, I was informed that come Friday, the first day of classes, I will be having my photo taken for my school ID. And this isn't your ordinary ID, folks! I can actually choose to have a full or half body shot, and do whatever pose I want. Cool, right?

Top: Wai Hung; Skirt: Sewn with Love; Oxfords: So Fab

You know what it means! An outfit shot, of course! I decided to wear something bright, something that would pop out and bring life to my ID, hoping that it would turn out nicely, 'cause honestly, all my school IDs sucked big time! Haha.

The Beatles charm bracelet: Girl Shoppe; Nail polish: Daewon Cosmetics (Korean brand)

To finish the look, instead of tucking the top in, I left the last two buttons open and tied a knot, which left me looking more casual. :)

Necklace: Girl Shoppe

Next week, I will tell you more about my class. I'll also probably give you loves some tips about styling and stuff! Excited?!

First photo taken by Mike Asuncion

Monday, July 2, 2012

Stripes 'n' Tights

Top: Zara; Mini skirt: Zara; Tights: SM Accessories; Oxfords: So Fab; Bag: Mango

Since I haven't worn tights for what seemed like forever, and I actually miss the comfy but sexy feeling it gives, I decided to make it a part of my outfit yesterday. I paired it with a black & white striped top and cream & black Oxfords. Of course, I did not forget to put on my trusty mini (so 'mini' that I cannot wear it alone!) skirt to serve as a cover up since tights are too thin to be worn alone (like my mini skirt). I mean I wouldn't want people staring at my butt while walking in a mall, right?! Haha.

With that, I'll leave you with this tip: never in your life pair leggings or tights with tops so short that it doesn't cover your behind. ;-)

Photo taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

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