Thursday, November 15, 2012


Yesterday, I mentioned about the shoot my friends and I had just recently for an upcoming online store (Click here if you haven't read it yet). Here are some behind the scenes photos. Meet my friends whom I missed the most and enjoy! :)

Some of the shoes that were used. Guess which ones are mine!

Weng (left) and Ayie in one of the outfits they modeled

Looky! Tisha the make-up artist, photographer, and owner of the shop in my heel-less shoes.

And that's me, wearing the second outfit I modeled! Heehee.

Tisha and Gelique goofing around while waiting for us to dress up

Lovin' the headband, Gelique! Haha.

With Weng and Ayie, who are looking very pretty!

Dresses with the same print but in different styles

I told you, Weng and I love the huge mirror too much!

Here's one outfit I really like!

And it's a wrap!

Now where are my sneakers?!

I'll also post the outfit shots of some of the clothes I modeled soon! In the mean time, check out Tisha's online store here!


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