Sunday, February 24, 2013


Fine, maybe I should stop saying that I'd post more often than I used to. Pft. So sorry, dolls! I'll try my best, though. :) Now, let's move on to my outfit. I wore this last week when my family and I went to Eastwood. My dad and my brother watched Die Hard while my mum and I, plus the baby, of course, hung out at Caffé Bene, a newly opened Korean coffee house. Loved the place! Anyway, this look is perfect for times like those. Feeling like a model-slash-Hollywood celebrity off duty again! Harhar.

I love the effortless and edgy but at the same time, stylish vibe the tartan print and combat boots combo achieved! You see, tartan, or plaid, just never goes out of style. I've actually had this top for years and I still get to wear it once in a while. What do you think of this look?  ;-)

Tartan print button-down top: Mango; Cropped shorts: Zara; Combat boots: True Love; Bag: Alexander Wang; Gold watch: Casio

Photos taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

Sunday, February 17, 2013

No sneaks, just wedges!

Hey, loves! Before anything else, I'm so sorry to keep you guys waiting! It's been a week since I last posted something here and it's 'cause I've been too busy at work plus I got really sick last Friday. :( I'll do my best to post more often than I used to, though, so don't worry! ;-)

Now let's move on to my outfit earlier today! Last month, I received these Pill wedges I won from Kryz Uy's blog giveaway. When I first saw 'em, I immediately thought of two things to pair them with: skinny jeans and shorts. The latter's screaming for summer! Gah, can't wait!! This time though, I wore 'em with jeans since we'd go to Church. I chose a top which matches the color of the wedge. 

Statement necklace: SM Accessories
Gold bangle: a'postrophe; Bag: Gucci

For my accessories, I stuck with the neutral palette and opted for gold ones. I finished off the look with my Gucci bag. What do you loves think? ;-)

Wedge: Pill

Top: Mango; Skinny jeans: Zara; Gold watch: Casio

Photos taken by Joselito Asuncion

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The heat is on!

Hey, loves! I'm pretty sure, I'm not the only one who can already feel the summer heat! The holidays are long gone and so is the cool weather (in the Philippines, at least!). That means summer is just a few months away! Who's excited for the beach?! I know I am! ;-) Anyway, the weather now calls for my favorite: shorts! I love wearing shorts 'cause they're too versatile. Now, I went for the laid back-slash-lazy look (again) and wore a pair of high-waisted ones paired with a loose shirt and my favorite, wedge sneakers!

What I love when I am wearing high-waisted shorts is that it gives the illusion that I'm taller that I am. And the wedge sneakers? The real thing: added height! Ha, I really am taller! These two combined is something a 5'2" like me needs! Haha.

Heart print shirt: Zara; High-waisted shorts: Armani Jeans; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Houndstooth bag: Ralph Lauren; Gold watch; Casio

Photos taken by Mike Asuncion

Thursday, February 7, 2013

What The Bag Does

The top I'm wearing here is one of those pieces I've had for a long time but never had the chance to share to you guys. Now that I do, I wore it with black leggings (worn as tights) and my Aldo booties. What I love about it's aztec print is that it's not your typical aztec. There's something different about it, though I can't tell what exactly. Maybe it's the swirls which look like S's! My studded leather bag made the entire look edgier. That's what it ever does to my outfits! That's why it's my all-time favorite bag! ;-)

Aztec top: Love Hate; Leggings: Topshop; Booties: Aldo; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'; Gold watch: Casio

Photos taken by Carla Atutubo

Monday, February 4, 2013

Red, Black, and White

Here's another outfit worn to work! Red, black, and white. I believe there's no other color combination that's more classic than this! It's my favorite as well 'cause you can never go wrong with this combo. The piece that I like best from this outfit though is the striped top. The print added more character to the entire look.

Striped top: Zara; Skinny jeans: Forever 21; Bag: Alexander Wang 'Hilary Leather Studded Shopper'

Gold watch: Casio; Black beaded bracelet: DIY; Silver bangle: Gift from my brother

Also, instead of wearing my black watch, I wore my gold Casio watch to give a little contrast to the colors I'm wearing.

Red ballet flats: Shoe Room -- one of the comfiest ballet flats I ever owned!
Photos taken by Carla Atutubo

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