Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lesley Mobo x Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013

The show that closed Philippine Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 was the Lesley Mobo Colours Gala, a private fund-raising event. Unlike other fashion shows, this was not open to the general audience so I really am very grateful to have been part of this spectacular show. For those of you who do not know, Lesley Mobo is a fashion designer based in London, England.

During fashion shows, it is a given that the styling team do not get to watch the show since everyone will be busy dressing up the models and doing last minute stuff on their outfits. This time though, the models only had one outfit so after dressing up, we have nothing to do anymore. Until after the show, at least. Since the LED screens were visible from the backstage, we sort of got to watch the entire show. If I am to describe the show, EMOTIONAL. Seriously, even from the backstage!

Scroll down and let me give you a glimpse of how it was like that night!

With my fellow styling assistants/bloggers Will Cheng and Nika Plana before the backstage chaos began

A part of one of my favourite dresses
Tessa Prieto-Valdes

Look closely and see the flowers underneath the tulle. Beautiful!

Models lined up for final checkup

Embellished backpack

Male models with Lesley and Sir Noel

Isn't Sir Noel's shoelaces the coolest?!

Sir Noel goofing around with the models a.k.a. his brides!

This is the one show that everyone, including the designer, gets to goof around right before it starts!

Love everything about this look!

Lesley Mobo doing final adjustments on one of his pieces

There's something about this gown that makes me want to eat it! Harhar.

With London-based fashion designer Lesley Mobo

With the boss, Sir Noel Manapat

Of course, we still managed to get outfit shots! Thanks, Will, for taking this photo. ;-) Excuse the ID, though. We had to wear it the entire time. Boo.

If you notice, I was wearing a peplum top and jeans on the first photo. Since it is a formal event, we had to dress up for the show as well, but since I know that we will be moving a lot, I wore comfortable clothes first and changed into this lace dress and red pumps before the show began.

Models on queue while waiting for their turn

A glimpse of the jaw-dropping audiovisual presentation

Yes, we only got to watch the show from the backstage. That's the closest we could get to the stage!

The shirt given to the styling team after the show. Thanks for the souvenir, Team Mobo!

Hope you guys enjoyed browsing through the photos as much as I enjoyed the show! Again, I'm so lucky to have been part of this brilliant show! Thanks to Sir Nio Manzano for the opportunity! To the styling team, Sir Noel, Sherwynn, Alex Lapa, Jund, Lulu, Will, Nika, it was fun working with you guys! 'Til next time! :D

Let me know what you think! :)

Most photos taken by Nika Plana

Some photos are from Will Cheng


  1. I love how you write your blog, Michelle. It's not selfish at all, unlike some bloggers who makes it all about themselves. It is still self promotion pero you never fail to go to the heart of the blog, which is, of course, Lesley's show.

    And that's the reason why I'm writing a comment on this one, albeit walang mention ng name ko, CHAROS!!! :P

    1. Thanks so much, Sir Nio!! Appreciate it, coming from you! Heehee.

      AND I'm so, so sorry!!! My bad! :)) It's fixed na, see!! Hahaha.


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