Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Back to Basics

Most of you would agree that it's always fun and exciting to dress up or follow the latest fashion trends, but there are just times when I find myself going back to the basics. There's nothing special about this look. It's just a plain tank top, cropped denim shorts, embellished flip-flops, and minimal accessories plus messy hair and no make-up at all, giving off that effortless look. I love how laid back this is. I wore this outfit two days ago when I accompanied my mum to run some errands. What do you think?

And just when I thought there's nothing special about this look, I realized that my tank top is in 2013's color of the year: emerald! I've heard that emerald is gonna be a big hit this year. Now who says you can't be in while wearing the most basic pieces your closet could ever hold? 

Emerald tank top: Denim Co.; Cropped shorts: Mudd; Embellished flip-flops: Reaction Kenneth Cole; Gold watch: Casio

Photo taken by Mike Asuncion


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