Thursday, December 20, 2012

Sporty Chic

This look reminded me so much of a professional model off duty! Haha. Last summer, I had my first internship at Not Enough Circuses, Inc., a production house which does fashion shows. If you're familiar with Style Origin, those were the shows that we did, and this just-got-off-the-bed look is something that some of our models back then would wear to fittings or rehearsals. I think it's 'cause it's too comfy, just what they need for a very long day ahead.

Look at that pose! I told you, my peg was a model! Harhar. Let's move on to my outfit now, shall we? I've had this dress for months now but I've never worn it before 'cause I didn't know how best to! On my previous post, I told you all about my new kicks. I thought it's perfect for this dress, and it was! I love how my look turned out, giving the lazy, comfy vibe -- so perfect for a long day of walking and shopping.
Dress: Love Hate; Black braided belt: The Landmark; Wedge sneakers: Forever 21; Quilted purse: Dorothy Perkins; Ring: Rustan's

What do you think of my look?

Photos taken by Joselito Asuncion


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