Saturday, August 11, 2012

Creative Beauty Shoot

Hi, dolls! I know I've been MIA for so long but now I'm back and I have a little something for you. :) If you drop by and read my blog regularly, I'm pretty sure you know that I'm currently taking up Fashion Styling. Two weeks ago, we finally had our first photo shoot. Not only did we get to style the model; we were actually the ones who planned everything -- hair, make-up, etc.

For this shoot, we had nine layouts. We went from clean to glamour to avant garde -- make-up was from light to dark, hair was from messy to pulled back to styled, accessories and outfits were from few/bare to layered. I'm sure you get what I mean but to better understand, here are the photos!
Styling by Izza Kempis

Styling by Izza Kempis

Styling by yours truly!

I'm really proud of this, although there's still room for improvement! It's only my first, after all. ;-) Also, for me, this isn't it just yet. Styling, I mean. Since it's only a creative beauty shoot, I basically picked out a top and an accessory and voila. Styling for me is this: I'm given pieces of garments to choose from and I create outfits from it.

Styling by Mia Crespo

Styling by Izza Kempis

Styling by Riza Carreon

Styling by Trisha Rebullida

Styling by Wynson Cruz

Styling by Mia Crespo
Let me know what you think, loves! xx

 Photography by Claude Villahermosa
Make-up by Bon D. Penaranda
Hair by Bon D. Penaranda
Model: Kim Fernandez of Cal Carrie's

Shot at Seven Barretto's Studio

Fashion: Austeen Soriano for the headpieces (except for the 7th photo) and pearl necklaces; stylists' own clothes and accessories


  1. I love it babe! I am so proud of you and I know malayo pa mararating mo :) Huuuug :))


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