Sunday, August 26, 2012

Makeover by Bianca V.

The best thing is to look natural but it takes make-up to look natural.
- Calvin Klein


If there's one thing you guys, my dear readers, don't know about me yet, it's that I'm a huge fan Bianca Valerio. She inspires me in so many ways plus she's very, very nice! So could you just imagine how happy I was when she asked me if she could give me a makeover?! I even took my midterm exams a week early so I could go. ;-)

The makeover, followed by a photo shoot (Yes, a photo shoot! For the newspaper! :D), happened way back in January and finally, after seven months of waiting, the article finally came out. Good thing  a friend saw the feature and informed me about it!

Since it's my first ever -- and probably my last -- photo shoot, I was so excited to get a copy of the paper. And when I finally saw it, I was awed by how huge the photo was. Harhar.

Click here to read the article from The Philippine Star. :)

Photography by Sara Black
Make-up by Bianca Valerio
Hair by Elaine Ganuelas for L'Oreal Profesionnel


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