Sunday, July 8, 2012


A few weeks back, I mentioned that I'll be taking up Fashion Styling soon. Last Thursday, I finally did it! I enrolled at Fashion Institute of the Philippines. Upon enrollment, I was informed that come Friday, the first day of classes, I will be having my photo taken for my school ID. And this isn't your ordinary ID, folks! I can actually choose to have a full or half body shot, and do whatever pose I want. Cool, right?

Top: Wai Hung; Skirt: Sewn with Love; Oxfords: So Fab

You know what it means! An outfit shot, of course! I decided to wear something bright, something that would pop out and bring life to my ID, hoping that it would turn out nicely, 'cause honestly, all my school IDs sucked big time! Haha.

The Beatles charm bracelet: Girl Shoppe; Nail polish: Daewon Cosmetics (Korean brand)

To finish the look, instead of tucking the top in, I left the last two buttons open and tied a knot, which left me looking more casual. :)

Necklace: Girl Shoppe

Next week, I will tell you more about my class. I'll also probably give you loves some tips about styling and stuff! Excited?!

First photo taken by Mike Asuncion


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