Monday, October 15, 2012

Aztec with a Twist

Aztec print top: Forever 21; Leather shorts: Forever 21

About a month ago, I bought this really cute aztec print top and leather shorts from Forever 21. Since then, I've been wanting to wear it already but I never got to 'cause I haven't been leaving the house except on Sundays. Obviously, I can't wear 'em to Church! When I heard that my aunt's having a post-birthday dinner at Bonifacio High Street, I knew exactly what I was gonna wear. I love everything about this outfit! I think they're all made for each other!

I love how the top is really simple on the front..

Serendipity tattoo by Gene Testa

..but when you look at it from the back, it's really sexy. It's not your typical backless as well! Then cut of the top is so unique and the placement of the huge bow is just perfect. Finally, another top which doesn't cover my tattoo when worn! That's actually the best part of it!

Heel-less shoes: DAS

I was supposed to wear a different pair of shoes but thought that I should wear the best pair of shoes I ever owned since I haven't worn them for some time now and I miss wearing them too much. Haha.

Red stone necklace: Quiapo; Spike bracelet: Girl Shoppe

My favourite part though, is the leather shorts. I wanted to have a pair of leather shorts for the longest time so imagine the joy when I finally bought one. More so, when I finally got to wear them! Surely, a lot more posts of me wearing this will be coming!

Safety pin bracelet: DIY; Black beaded bracelet: DIY; Heart bangle: Gift from my brother

For my accessories, since my top is already so awesome on its own, with the print and sexy back, and my shoes screaming for all the attention it could get, I kept it at a minimum. I just threw on the red stone necklace my friend Trisha bought for a photoshoot and the simplest bracelets I own.

First five photos taken by Ernalyn Asuncion

Sixth photo taken by Mike Asuncion


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